About Seascape Properties

Seascape Properties was accidentally founded by Amanda who bought a vacation property on the Island and began renting it out. At the time was a principal at a local school, so rental management was a part time gig. Her one unit grew to ten, then to twenty, and now we manage over 90 properties.

There is no doubt she misses being in the classroom, but as an Island resident, she has found a calling and a passion for working where she lives and being a part of the Island community. Seascape Properties strives to provide a memorable vacation experience for guests visiting from out of town or locals on a staycation.

What started out as a one woman show has turned into a family endeavor. We are a small business of three people now, we truly are family run and operated. We live close to our properties and strive to provide a personal touch to all we do.

What may have started as an accidental hobby has turned into a wonderful way to work where we live, on the beach, with family.

Come make memories with us!


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